Kristina Klein

Today is the day that Kristina Klein turns two whole decades old. Wow, crazy huh? So here is my tribute to her and our amazing friendship.

Kristina and I met for the first time at Nacho Bingo in Scooters as freshmen at St. Thomas. Okay, I take that back. There’s a chance that we originally met many years before at Family Swim School in Lakeville. A few months into our friendship we discovered that we had both taken swimming lessons at the same place and followed most sessions with a stop at KFC for a kid’s meal. Chances are we were fast friends in the swimming pool without even realizing it.

Something very interesting happened as we grew closer over the past couple of years. Kristina was introduced to me as a sweet, compassionate girl who was a little more on the quiet side, and I think that’s why we got along so well from the start. But, as weeks turned into months and months into semesters, and semesters into years, I discovered that there was so much more to this sweet, compassionate girl. Let me tell you: Kristina Klein is a psycho.

You read that right.

Kristina is weird. And, that is probably one of the biggest reasons for why I love her so much.

You see, when I met Regina, we naturally started our friendship rooted in our goofy encounters and our times spent studying too many types of calculus. But with Kristina, we became friends gradually over shared meals, movie nights, and our tendencies to be caught trailing in the back of crowds with our voices hushed and our names usually unknown. She was the one I’d look to when I was talking and realized that nobody was listening because I learned that she always was.

I found an inkling of her wacky nature when she began to take pictures of me in daily life, but somehow managed to capture the most contorted facial expressions and varying levels of sass. This inkling transformed into a full-blown theory when we started living together sophomore year. And let me tell you, it did not remain a theory for long.

We would catch ourselves giggling as we danced up and down the hallway while flickering the over-head lights as if we were in some sort of low-budget music video. We would implement our Zumba routines into cooking dinner, which most of the time were popping a frozen meal into the microwave for a total of four whole minutes.

Kristina became entire exposed when we watched The Pink Panther together for the first time. Honestly, I’ve never seen this girl so excited, giggly, and energetic.

In all seriousness, Kristina, you are a magical human being filled with love, intelligence, and an incredible sense of humor. You support and defend your friends relentlessly, ensuring they feel valued and comforted. I am so grateful that we share slightly evil plotting skills that we would never in a million years put to use because they’re more fun to laugh at. Thank you for late-night food runs, for Zumba: Car Edition, for playing with my hair, for quoting all the movies I have yet to see, for being a chocolate-covered strawberry expert, for always reading my mind, and for being a forever friend. Happy birthday and God bless you baby girl 😉


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