Regina Burroughs


One of the first things I learned about Regina was that her favorite color is yellow. And, honestly I should have guessed. Can you think of a single color that is more bright, warm, welcoming, and joyful?

Chances are you can't. And if you want to be difficult then I'd probably argue that there's at least some yellow in this color you came up with. I'm just kidding.

Back to more important things. Regina. Commonly compared to, yet starkly different from the infamous Regina George. Regina Burroughs is a social chameleon. I mean you toss her into any social setting and she will navigate it with composure and charm. She fits in with your stereotypical nerds, jocks, toddlers, grandparents, and even your crazy Aunt Kathy. She has a way of making people of all walks of life feel special and loved.
Regina is my go-to when it comes to watching stupid Facebook or YouTube videos (see upcoming post featuring Kristina Klein; she fits this role perfectly as well). We are especially fond of videos of giggling babies, food recipes, playful puppies, and that video of the older gentleman trying to say "buttery flakey crust" for a commercial.

Our friendship is genuinely one of a kind. We've survived calculus courses that resulted in long nights filled with delirious giggling and far too many integrals (dinosaur necks as Kristina likes to call them). And, somehow our GPAs remained intact when on our Multivariable Calculus final I wrote a note asking for a curve and Regina drew a picture of a ladybug with a hat (the problem was about a ladybug; she was simply showing her work).

We have traveled on school retreats, family vacations, and hometown visits. We have booed and hissed at melodramas, sung our hearts out with Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw, wrecked our lungs screaming for Jesse McCartney, danced in the most unlikely of places including on a rollercoaster, and speaking for myself: I have loved every minute of it.

Beautiful isn't it?

In an attempt to prevent this little post from becoming an entire novel, I'm going to tell you just one more of Regina's many secret talents. She has a radar for when someone needs some words of encouragement. I cannot even count the number of times that I've had a hard day, week, or even month and I've come home to a card from Regina. Usually, embellished with a goofy animal joke or funny picture, every one of Regina's cards is guarenteed to brighten your darkest days.

I am forever grateful for her friendship. God blessed me with His best shade of yellow; I just call it Regina.


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